Bea and Eric

We’re Bea and Eric,
and we love to travel
all over the world!

Bea’s grand plan to visit Spain

Bea planned her first international trip when she was seven.

She traced the map of Portugal, and drew an itinerary from her hometown of Porto to northern Spain. Her route included a few of the Portuguese towns she had visited, crossed the border completely by coincidence at an actual border crossing, then ended in mystery as it reached unfamiliar territory in Spain. This early example lacked a lot of essential details, but Bea got much better at planning trips through years of experience, backpacking all over Europe during her breaks from school.

Eric and his tricycle

Eric’s wanderlust perhaps began with his tricycle.

He grew up riding a series of ever-more-capable bicycles farther and farther from home. By grad school, he had taken up long-distance riding and was happy to travel for weeks at a time with a bicycle and a tent. As he explored the US and abroad, Eric read with fascination the stories of intrepid travelers who journeyed around the world by bicycle, motorcycle, car, train, boat, and plane.

Eric and Bea

Once we met, our love for travel only grew.

With each trip we took, we discovered how much more we enjoy traveling together. We especially like getting off the beaten path, exploring the natural beauty of our planet in remote places. We also found that both of us are incredibly passionate about discovering the uniqueness of other cultures, incorporating those learnings into our own lives, and broadening our minds in the process.

Our goal in creating this web site is to inspire your sense of adventure and your curiosity. Whether you feel the compulsion to travel (like us) or prefer to follow our journeys from the comfort of home, we hope you’ll adopt an adventurous mindset as you experience all that the natural world has to offer, and nurture your curiosity about the wonderful people who live in it.